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How to Achieve a Stress Free Wedding Day!

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

So you're engaged! Now what???? Many brides go into sheer panic. There is so much to do.. organize.. order.. plan! It can be very overwhelming.

Wedding planning is supposed to be fun and your wedding day is supposed to be stress free! How do we accomplish this? Hire a Day of Coordinator! All Coordinators are different. They all have what they will do and wont do. If you are looking for someone to plan your whole wedding (book hotel rooms, work with you budget, order items, etc.) you do not want a day of coordinator. Many people try to get a coordinator and have them do planner tasks because of the price difference. Both a planner and coordinator are here to help, just in different ways!

So, now you've decided you want a Day of Coordinator. You realize you'd like more of the reins in your planning process and just want a stress free day!

A few examples of what your Day of Coordinator will do!

- Placing your décor (that is already at your venue)

- Helping coordinate and direct your Ceremony and the processional

- Coordinate your grand wedding party entrance

- Point of contact for the day with you vendors

- Working with vendors and ceremony site staff

- Following your day of timeline and making sure it runs smooth

- Emergency Kit

- General day of direction

For myself, I try to give couples the best bang for their buck! I try to make sure the happy couple has eaten! It is so important. You have spent all this money on food! I make personalized plates of every course & appetizer and bring it to you. Eating on your wedding day is very important. You get this adrenaline and do not realize you haven't had water or food. Nothing is worse then fainting on your wedding day!

Placing décor to the couples vision is extremely important. I am there to ensure you vision is made possible! To ensure that, from the day of booking to even after your wedding I make myself available for talk/text/email anytime. I want to make sure you day is perfect and your vision is successful! Couples do not want to be at their venue at six am or the end of the night setting up and taking everything down. This is your day! You want to enjoy it, and all of it! You should be relaxed and not worrying about the small things!

Timing is everything, especially for your ceremony. Making sure you walk at the right part of the song to give everyone chills! Making sure that right song is played for your grand entrances. Making a timeline is great. Your ceremony is very important to stick to the timeline for you and your guests. But the rest of the day, its just a guideline. Sometimes pictures take longer, food comes out sooner, you would like to dance earlier then your original plan. That's okay!! As your coordinator I will work with you throughout the day to ensure things happen when you are ready! We aren't going to rush you talk to Aunt Sue so that we can get your first dance going.

Really we are here to help you. Whatever you need to make your day magical. Make your day stress free. I'm here to make sure you didn't notice the florist was late or a candle blew out. I will make sure all the small details and big ones are done and spectacular.

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