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Lauren you are a blessing in disguise on our wedding day (Aug 22, 2020)
you made our day run so smooth, and we had so many things that needed to be set up on the day off and you got it all done and so beautifully too. Lauren you even found things I told forgot about putting together ( like out cupcake stand lol. totally forgot to take it out of the box even.) Thank you for greeting our guests. And greeting us as we came back from 1st look. For be so attentive to us after the ceremony. Lorys was so happy for a plate of food from cocktail hour, that he would have never gotten to if it wasnt for you. I thank you for ensuring everything ran on time. even if I did push the schedule around abit after the ceremony.
Your attention to detail for the ceremony, reception, The bride and groom is amazing.
We could never thank you enough for your help in making our day perfect.
Amazing , Well done Lauren!!
Forever Grateful

Shelley & Lorys Fraccarro

Lauren was absolutely amazing!! She went way above and beyond our expectations and she was such a blessing to have for our wedding day! Her customer service, communication, professionalism, attention to detail, work ethic and initiative were truly exceptional! She made the day so much less stressful for us and it ran so smoothly, and we truly couldn’t have done it without her. We would highly recommend her! We can’t thank her enough for all she did to make our wedding day absolutely perfect! We are forever grateful.

Angelo & Natalee

One of the BEST planners in the city! Anytime I have the chance to work with Lauren it is a dream come true.
She takes care of everything on her end, keeps me informed during the process so together we can provide our clients the MOST AMAZING DAY that they have always dreamed of!!
If you get the chance to work with Lauren and the team at LAS events, DO NOT HESITATE to book. Will be one of the best and easiest decisions you can make for your day.

Dj Cachet

Had the most amazing day thanks to my wedding day of coordinator Lauren Shaffran. She was worth her weight in gold! If you are considering hiring one, ABSOLUTELY DO SO! She is awesome! She took care of everything down to the last detail. I didn't have to explain anything, she just took my vision and ran with it. Everything was beautiful and perfect!

Kelly Newell

What an amazing day and it was so nice to know that everything was taken care of by LAS

Holly Laver

Highly recommend! She helped with all the little details throughout our wedding day and kept everything running smoothly. Thank you, Lauren!!

Nicole Law

HIGHLY RECOMMEND Lauren Shaffran of LAS Productions and Events. She has been amazing throughout my whole wedding planning process so far, we are so happy we hired her! And can't wait to continue to see her impress my expectations even more!

Melissa Rooney

I owe you so much! Lauren is my best friend but was also my lifeline while planning my wedding (even from a country apart). I seriously wouldn’t have been able to get through my wedding without her. From all the questions, to setting up, to just being my right hand person all day. Would seriously recommend to anyone!! You won’t regret it. She is nice, EXTREMELY organized, never overlooks any details (big or small) and will go above and beyond to create such a special day, whether it’s a wedding or just a party! Best decision you’ll make it hiring Lauren!


Lauren is absolutely wonderful to work with, she makes party planning and organization a breeze. She is incredibly creative and detail oriented. Every theme event she puts together is completely cohesive and well executed. From the start she plans various mood boards and brings to life all different elements of the theme. My personal favourites have been her "Margaritaville", "Harry Potter" and "Girls Night In" events. Everything from food, décor to activities is fun for everyone!


Lauren is the most dedicated and creative planner I have met. I have been to many large-scale events orchestrated by Lauren Shaffran and I felt comfortable knowing everyone (including myself) were in good hands. The decor of every themed event planned by Lauren was fun and interactive! You will truely appreciate the ideas and work ethic this woman can bring to the table. 
Lauren had actually planned a 25th surprise birthday party for myself with a Margaritaville theme which had gone absolutely flawlessly. I was truely impressed by the decor, the food and cocktails and the overall preparations of accommodating the amount of attendees to ensure this was a successful event. All this to say, I was absolutely surprised by this party!
Time and time again, Lauren has proved herself to truely be the event planner that will go above and beyond, and I would recommend her to anyone!


I would definately recommend this girl! She is extremely organized has great ideas and pays attention to detail. She will start planning well in advance to ensure everything is done perfect for any event. I am so lucky to have attended many of the parties/events she has planned - from birthday parties, to catered events, anniversary parties, holiday events, etc. My favourite was the Harry Potter themed party she hosted and planned for me! The decorations, food, and games were all Harry Potter related and so on point! One of my favourite touches was when you lifted the toilet seat and Moody Myrtle was there! Loved it and was so much fun!


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